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Le Panier, 2016
Workshop, FRAC Marseille, France (08/10/2016 and 09/10/2016).
Le Panier was a two-day workshop held during the Salon de la Micro-édition, a book fair held in the Frac of Marseille, to students of the ESADHaR art school of Rouen. We went to the nearest ATM and distributed the budget of the workshop evenly out to the students, putting them in charge of purchasing books during the book fair, as many or as few as they decided. Each item they bought and brought back to the table was then stamped by ourselves, and identified with their name, price of purchase and table of purchase. The items purchased were displayed on our table during the two days of the book fair. Among the other publishers, we had nothing to show but the result of the student's choices. This collection is now part of the ESADHaR library collection, under the name Le Panier.

Outside of book fair opening hours, it was important to us that the students remained focused, that the workshop be immersive. Before the workshop, we set up a meeting at our hotel for a welcome breakfast, and the next morning took a boat trip to the nearest island, with no other specific aim than to occupy their time while leaving them responsible of their own experience. We took a walk and went back to Marseille.